Eric H. Jung
"It is the quality of your mind, rather than your circumstances, that determines the quality of your life." -SH

Sardines! - video game I wrote for my son's 3rd birthday. Does not work on mobile.

Ex-Firefox developer. My name is on the Mozilla Monument: side: 1, upper panel, row 43, number 9

FoxyProxy creator. Tens of millions of installations for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Spawned a business that continues today; one of the first proxy/vpn vendors.

PasswordMaker creator. Millions of installations. Open-source password manager before the rise of monetized password managers like 1Password, LastPass, and KeyPass.

PasswordMaker had dozens of implementations: iPhone, Android, browser extensions, native, and even Python and Java libraries -- some written by me, others written by developers whom I never knew. PasswordMaker established a de-facto, portable standard for password generation that works offline and without any database to be hacked. It continues to inspire many new implementations even in 2024.

Java XML Programmer's Reference author. Written and published by Wrox Press before self-publishing was a thing.